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The teenage years are some of the most difficult years any of us pass through. While issues with identity, relationships and an emerging value system are universal, each generation in addition struggles with their own unique set of cultural challenges. Some struggles are often unseen to those around us as we fight an inner battle. Twenty one year old Rachel Hamilton is a voice for today’s youth speaking into the issues young women grapple with. Speaking openly and honestly about her own struggles she aims to strengthen and empower others through her experiences and thoughts. Hidden Struggles covers the areas of purity, waiting, modesty, relationships, God and life. While single women of all ages will find things they can identify with, there is no information too explicit for young readers. Hidden Struggles is a guide to becoming the woman God created you to be.

Available now on Amazon , Westbow Press , Barnes and Noble  and many other retailers.


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Hidden Struggles: Purity, God, Guys and Life
Hidden Struggles: Purity, God, Guys and Life

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2 thoughts on “Book

  1. Hi Rachel,

    I just ordered your book, for my daughter Grace. So glad to have made contact with through her blog. May the Lord bless your work.

    Kevin Jandt

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