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Summer storms.

It’s 10pm at night the thunder is raging and lightning flashing. Inside it’s hot and humid.

A summer storm.

Sometimes life feels like a summer storm.

Recently I have felt so so fatigued by personal storms, sickness, stress and the loss of a very dear friend to cancer.

Feeling so empty. I’m like a broken jug, who wants to full those around me up but the life giving water keeps running out.

6 months ago I managed to run a Facebook page that reached over 20,000 people, reply to countless emails from people who shared their struggles with me. Volunteer helping the homeless of Sydney. I saved, planned, and went on my second trip to Uganda. Volunteered for 2 months and come home, overflowing with joy. I was so energised with all I had learnt in Uganda.

But now i struggle to find enough emotional energy to get to work each day.

Times like theses God feels so far away.

But my very wise friend reminded me it’s ok to grieve, ok to struggle, ok to be broken because in theses moments God holds us.

She is so right.

Today at work God reminded me that we must be kind to ourselves in our personal storm.

Yes people around us walk through things more terrible than we could imagine but it doesn’t mean our pain doesn’t count.

It doesn’t mean we should somehow just get over it.

Your pain matters, your storm is real, your courage is seen.

Let’s be kind to ourselves and hold tight to the knowledge summer storms don’t last forever.