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New Normal.

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It’s 4:30am and in just half an hour I’m heading to the airport for the second time this week.

In this moment I’m thankful for jetlag which makes it easy to wake up early, it’s also a reminder I will have been in three different countries in the last 10 days.  

It’s a strange feeling not knowing where I call home anymore. It’s almost like I am a child of three families, I have a birth country New Zealand, Australia, my place of residence and work, and Uganda a place where I feel deeply alive, when every day is an opportunity to make a difference. 

Something about countries and cultures, that makes my heart sing. If money was no object, I would become a gypsy, sending my whole life falling in love with cultures​ and countries. 

So it’s hard coming back to reality. 

I’m struggling with the lack of freedom we have here to make a difference.

With all the red tape, legal, and political correctness that binds us from being able to practically get in and create change. 

It frustrates me that you have to have a degree, do a short course, or wade through piles of paper work to be able to do anything worthwhile​. 

Don’t get me wrong I know there is, brokeness, needs and opportunities to make a difference here. 

This is not a hate on the the western culture. 

It’s just as someone who doesn’t have any great wonderful talents or useful skills but passionately wants to make a difference in the world I struggle in this culture of degrees and systems.

There is a reason I’m back home, a purpose for these frustrations, feelings and thoughts. 

Each day that goes by I’m learning to live this new normal. 

I’m thankful to be a New Zealander/Australian and the opportunities these beautiful countries provide me.

But now I’m thankful for these feelings because it means Africa changed me, grew me, challenged me and opened my eyes. 


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