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Wonderful Uganda 

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When I first came to Uganda I had a idea that it would be this adrenaline filled adventure where everything was new, strange and overwhelming. 

While I have had moments like that, I didn’t realise how normal it would quickly become.

 I have traveled and lived overseas enough to know, before you come to a country, you hear the scary, unique and unusual things of that country. 
When I moved to the Australia I was nervous about all the dangerous animals its famous for, I believed deadly snakes would crawl up the toliet into my house, that spiders would bite me in the night and kangaroos would be jumping all over the place. 

In reality I’ve only seen one dead snake, killed a few small spiders and seen a few kangaroos peaceful eating grass by the side of the road. 

Like Australia, I had fears coming to Africa. Yet in the 6 weeks I have been here all my fears have died. 

Uganda has been through difficult times and you can see the aftermath of that pain and struggle, but oh what beauty has been born from the ashes. 

You will never meet more kind beautiful lovely people. 

There is a joy, sweetness and compassion in this country that is so inspiring. 

Life here is wonderful, daily I enjoy rich hospitality, wonderful food and loving community. 

I believe that Uganda is and will quickly become a powerful nation that reaches and changes the world. 

So my dear international readers, I hope and pray, you too can come to the pearl of Africa and let it change and inspire you as it is daily doing for me. 


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