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Life With Babies. 

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How do I put into words how truly grateful I am for the time I am spending in Africa. 

I can’t. 

Baby Watoto. 

A magical place where little lives are formed. 

Each morning when I arrive at work, I am greeted by smiles, hugs and little voices shouting “Momma” 

I started by making the beds and helping dress them. 

Then they have family time and play time.

When the babies arrive at Watoto they are placed into families with a nanny and five other babies. The nanny is the mother figure who for the first two years of their life raises them as her own. When they turn two they are adopted into the Watoto village. 

I am so inspired by the nannies for the way they care and love the babies. 

We often sit outside in the sun.

Then it’s lunch time, feeding 20+ babies per room is a mission but it’s works out.

It’s so cute when they close their eyes and put their hands together for the prayer.

There are 5 different rooms, currently I am in the small toodlers room. 

I have been in Monkeys: ages 6 month – 10 months and Tigers: ages 10-18months. 

International volunteers change rooms every two weeks. 

After lunch we get a 2 hour break because the babies are having an afternoon nap.

During this time I often walk down to the  nearby village and talk to the children or join the babies in sleep. 

When we come back from break, it’s time for a snack and bible time. 

Then it’s play time again. 

You will never find more loving little people than the Watoto babies. 

Each day I am overwhelmed by the love they shower on me. 

Tight hugs, kisses, little arms wrapped around my legs as I try to walk. 

The moment when a baby places her hands on my face and looks deeply into my eyes. 

How am I so blessed to be in this place? 

After play time, it’s dinner, bath time, worship time and then bed. 

We get on the bus at 6:30pm to go back home.

It’s been a month since I boarded a plane to Uganda and already time seems too short.

Eventually my time here will come to an end but the impact these little lives have on me will last long into the future. 


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