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My New Normal. 

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I have been in Uganda just over a week and I am still struggling to put into words how deeply Watoto has already impacted me.

How do I describe how wonderful it is to have a life long dream come true. 

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of working with children in Africa.

For a week it has been my reality.

Yet I feel so unworthy, why was I chosen to hold, love and help care for theses priceless children. 

I honestly don’t know. 

But when I hold these beautiful babies, look deep into their eyes and see hope from pain. I cry. Tears of hope. I see a God who rescues, redeems and lifts the forgotten to a mountain top.

My days aren’t all hugs and kisses. They are dirty diapers, babies who don’t want to eat, tears, cleaning and aching arms from rocking a tired baby to sleep. But right now there is nothing more fulfilling or wonderful. 



One thought on “My New Normal. 

  1. You are incredible, and you’re doing amazing things. Can’t wait for another one of your updates! 🙂

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