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To One Afraid To Stand Out.


To the one who is afraid to stand out. So afraid that you’ll say the wrong thing. Darling, you will say the wrong thing sometimes, and that’s ok. There will always be someone more talented than you, braver than you but no one can ever be you. You can never be replaced. Don’t lose heart.

Growing up I was the girl that was unbelievably shy, I wasn’t adventurous, I struggled to communicate. I couldn’t connect with people on a deep level because I was so afraid to show the real me. I went through most of my childhood feeling disconnected. I felt broken inside, I couldn’t imagine that God could use me in any way. I used to spend hours praying that God would change me, make me anyone but me.

God did not answer that prayer. He said he was going to use me, insecurities and all.

He took the shy girl, the girl who didn’t want to stand out and placed me on a mountain top. He turned my pain into tools to reach those around me.

God continues to teach me to embrace the lonely road, to not be afraid to speak up, stand out.

Life gets better.

Sweet friend, God has wonderful plans for your life.

Please keep being you.

You are brave, destined for greatness.





6 thoughts on “To One Afraid To Stand Out.

  1. Some things about us that we think are liabilities can actually turn out to be talents and gifts in God’s bigger picture. I think it’s human nature to compare ourselves to everybody else. But doing so, of course, magnifies our perceived weaknesses. While the world may think shyness and humbleness are weaknesses, I rather think they serve a greater purpose in the eternal affairs of heaven.

  2. Thank you, a beautiful reminder to be yourself completely and uniquely, even when it’s not the norm, God’s got you, be the person he created you to be. Wonderful!

  3. Every unkown enity has infinite posibleites which can lead to manny more outcomes. Everyone has fears at some level while some are good at expressing it others hide. Our socity has created wonderfull mouments and systems . Yet, at times its least senstive to questions because socity is not always ready to accpet the answers. Well, be couragous make some freinds live the life that u always dream of , keep doing good and good will come back to you in the form of happyness.. be strong and courages .

  4. Yess. Perfect for me. Thanks for being you!

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