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This Moment. 

Just over 2 months until I step foot in Uganda Africa. 

So many nights I lie in bed, overwhelmed at the thought my dream is coming true. 

Tonight I am so tired from working a 10 day shift,  work is busy.

I remind myself it will all be worth it. 

Every dollar counts, every dollar means I hug, care for and love a beautiful baby.

Each day I cross one more job off my “Watoto preparation list.” 

I am so blessed to be given this time, this season in my life when I can pack up and go on life changing adventures. 

Singleness can beautiful if we allow God to use it.

I can live in the moment and give 100% of myself to what God has called me to do. 

I must not miss out on this wonderful time by wishing for things I do not have. 

To love and cherish this moment, this stage of life must be my goal.