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Redirection Not Rejection

Do you have a dream to reach people online, be part of a ministry, write a book, blog.

I want to talk to you.

4 years ago I wanted to be part of a ministry. I wanted to write articles, blog and be part of amazing organizations I saw on social media. So I contacted ministries who were looking for people and writers.

I sent wrote and sent articles. But I always fell short. I received emails saying my writing did not meet their guidelines.

Then there was my spelling and grammar, I’m that annoying person who struggles with knowing the difference between your and you’re.

Sometimes I didn’t even get an email back.

I was so disheartened.

But God was speaking to my heart, create your own platform, reach people from where you are.

Ummm but God…..

“Step out in faith”


So August 2012 I created an online ministry, to encourage those waiting on God.

4 years on, God has given me the amazing privilege of reaching over 30,000 people a day, through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my blog.

My posts may not be the most polished, well-written words, but God is using me, incorrect grammar, shortcomings and all.

Maybe God is asking you to step out in faith, maybe those rejections are pointing you to do something you never dreamed of.

God sees your willing heart and he WILL use you!!

He honors the willing heart.