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Online Friendships

For the past three years I have run an online ministry. I have had the huge honour of reaching 1000s of people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Receiving hundreds of emails, becoming  friends with people all over the world.

The friendships I have made through my social media ministry are not random. God has handpicked each one of you to be my friend.

So much kindness you have shown to me.

All the love and support I recived from you all, when I published my first book.

The year I was very sick and found out I have Rheumatoid arthritis, you lifted my head and give me strength through your kind words and support.

When I share  personal things from my heart, I receive such wonderful messages saying how much my honesty meant to you.

So thank you, with all my heart for your kindness and support theses past years.

Maybe you are reading this and you haven’t been friends with me very long.

I am so thankful we have become friends and I look forward to the years to come.

My friends, I treasure you. ❤️