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That’s how I feel. Unable to give encouragement and support to those around who I love so dearly.

Unworthy to be thought of as someone great. I am no woman of faith. I want to strengthen those around me but I feel I have nothing to give.

So I hide away, keep the struggle to myself.

God can’t use me in my broken place, people want to hear words of comfort, words of hope, they can’t see me like this.

I have so many beautiful hurting friends they need me, I can’t be fragile like this.

I hate how my pain has overwhelmed me.

I hear people tell me to be a witness, do my part to bring God’s hope.

I have failed.

I am a wretched mess on the ground.

Jesus, help me see that in this broken place you can use me.

Lift my heavy shoulders and help me see the light.

Hold those who I can not hold right now with your love.

Let me understand that in my weakness you shine brightest.