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When God Say Stay.

There is something so glorious and inspiring when people talk about the moment God called them to step out in faith and go.

But what about the times, God says stay.

I’m hesitant to post on this subject.

Why? I don’t know.

No one really talks about it.

It’s so frustrating to have so much passion and fire to go to the mission field and to hear God say “It’s not your time”

I’m that kind of person that can’t sit still, I like to be on the go.

I have lost count how many times people say to me “Calm down Rachel, settle down, chill out”

Maybe this is the reason God often answers my prayers  with the dreadful word “wait.”

God wants me to be still and hear his voice, so he brings me to a quiet lonely place where I have no choice but to turn my eyes and ears to him.

I am so confused about my future, worried I am going to lose my passion, but I hold onto the hope that in this moment all I need to do is rest and listen.

1 Samuel 3:10
The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”





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Breaking my Heart for What Yours. 

Jesus here I am once again it’s the middle of the night and I can’t feel you holding me. I’m still trying to process the things I’ve seen. 

When I said “Break my heart for what breaks yours” I didn’t know it’s cost would be so great. Why must I feel the ache so deeply.

 You gave me a gift of seeing things beyond the surface but it hurts.

It fatigues me to see the heartbreak, the secret lonely pain.

Jesus, take this priceless sight and use me. I want to live my life with a purpose, I want to make every day count, so why must I wait in theses silences for so long before you move me.

I hear your gentle whisper 

“Rest and sit at my feet dear child.” 

“Listen to my voice. Train your ear to my call so when I say go you will be ready to go.” 

“The best yet to come.”

So I slowly drift off to sleep, resting in the knowledge that you have a beautiful plan for me and that you treasure my feelings, passions, hopes and dreams. 

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Human Trafficking

It was the night after I had arrived home from Thailand, 12am and the tears started flowing.

I am so broken from the things I have seen, looking into the face of the beautiful young girl who has seen more evil in her childhood than most people see in their whole lifetime.

I can’t imagine the rejection  and betrayal she must have felt to be sold to a brothel by her own parents.

How could I comprehend that the very same hotel we stayed in, had secret rooms where such evil could be done to a underage girl in secret.

Walking through a red light district trying not to cry as I hurried past hundreds of women trapped in unspeakable pain, helpless to do anything to set them free.

Evil was thick in the air and the chains of despair could almost be seen.

How painful it is to have your eyes open to the darkest of evil.

I can’t go back to who I was before, not after theses sights.

But more than that I have seen the joy, hope, light and restoration in eyes of the girls who have been rescued from hopelessness.

I have seen the power of a God who breaks every chain of shame and guilt and brings these brave girls into a place of true freedom.

I have to be part of the hope.

Only through Christ can such hope be born from such darkness.

These last two weeks I have meet real life heros, people who have given everything to fight the good fight, families, young married couples, single men and women who have left everything behind to create change.

I must do my part as well.

Will you?

For more information visit www.destinyrescue.org