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I Go.

Just over a week until I go on a mission trip and I’m terrified, more afraid than when I was 19 and I left for three months, traveling to three different countries, living on board a ship.

I’m only going for two weeks and yet this is one of the scariest things I have done.

Why, because I’m going to see things, I don’t want to see, things that I want to pretend don’t happen.

I’m going to see lives I can not reach, hearts I can not heal, evils I can not defeat.

I like my comfort zone, the big safe walls of apathy. A safe clean place where slavery is something I just read about.

I don’t want to see the broken abused and crushed. The faces of children who have been touched by more evil than I could even begin to imagine.

But I have to go.

I have to know.

I have to see, I must open my heart to be broken by what breaks God’s heart. Only then can I truly be used, only then can I become part of the hope.


I need to see the power of God’s healing and love, see how the lives of those rescued are restored and changed by a God who hears and makes new.

So I go..

Here I am God, break my heart for what breaks yours.