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Dear Hurting Friend.

Staring at my computer screen wondering what to write.

I want to say something encouraging, but the words just don’t seem right.

How do you say to someone hurting that you understand their pain? How do you let them know the sun will shine again.

Can I say “I understand” or will they turn away because to them it seems I would never know how deep the sorrow goes.

It isn’t right to say “Just trust God more.” or “Just accept his will.”

So I say the only words I know.

“I care, I see, I’m praying for you.

Your pain is hard, your struggle real.

Your journey long.

You are brave, you are strong.

I may not be able to hug you tight, but I am holding you with all my prayers tonight.


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You’re drowning in your insecurities.

Wishing you were someone else.

You wonder if people see you the way you see yourself.

Ugly, damaged, cover in scars both physical and emotional.

The devil handed you glasses and you looked through them and saw failure, worthlessness, hopelessness.

It hurts me so much to know how blind your eyes are to your beauty and worth.

Take the glasses off, look with the eyes of the creator who hand-crafted you.

You will see worth, beauty, loveliness, hope, you will see an inspirational vessel used by God to touch thousands of lives.

You are altogether lovely my darling there is no fault in you.


Why am I a Christian?

Why I am a Christain?

Is it the fear of hell?

Is it the fear of judgement?

Do I aim to live a pure life because of rules?

Do I turn away from sin because God is watching and he could punish me?

Do I try and be kind, loving, and forgiving to earn my way into Heaven?


The only reason I am a Christian is because of relationship.

The deep need to be understood and loved deeply.

Why am I a Christian?

  •  I want a friend that will never leave me no matter how horrible I may be.
  • On those lonely painful night’s I want someone to hold me.
  • I want a love deeper than human love.
  • I want to belong.

Why don’t I want to live a sinful life?

  • I want to make Christ proud
  • To hear the words “Well done good and faithful servant.”
  • To be a light
  • To have blameless life.

I am a Christian because someone loved me enough to give his life to save mine.

I am a Christian because of love.