Rachel Hamilton

Author | Writer | Traveler | Child of God | Kiwi Girl


In the desert

I’ve walked in the desert, looking for the water of God’s peace.

Trying so hard to see the city of his joy.

Heart breaking to see it was only a mirage.

Sometimes the harder I try to hear his voice, the deafer I become.

I want that inspiring relationship with him that all my heros have.

Instead my story often opens with me cry under the covers, pleading for him to hold me near.

I question his presence, disobey his comanmends, hate his will.

He finds me.

Our specail place turns out to be in the basment of my heart where the greed, sin, and shame rise high around me.

He meets me there, sits in the dust of broken dreams working on his beautiful story thats all about me.

My journey with Christ begins in the desert of hopelessness.

He finds my heart drowning in the waters of pain.

He tells me even in the desert he holds me,