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I’m not a Feminist, I’m a warrior princess.

I’m that girl searching for equality.

Struggling to find the balance between feminism and feminine.

I’m not that man hater, the one that thinks men are stupid.

I’m not the one that thinks women should have put their children into childcare just so they can pursue wealth, fame and fortune.

Believe me, I don’t want to be cold and bitter, I am not aiming to become better than men.

I just want equality.

Just want the voice’s in my head to stop telling me I am not enough.

Want to know I am able to be strong, brave and beautiful all at the same time.

I found equality in the highlighted pages of my bible.

God told me in his eyes men and women are equal.

He told me I can stop trying to prove that I’m enough.

All I need to do is embrace his purpose for my life.

When I walk in Christ’s will, there I find equality.

No matter the place he calls me to stand.

I am enough.

I’m not a feminist, I’m a warrior princess.



My Humble Job, God’s Perfect Will.

I always wanted a job that saved lives. I wanted to be that doctor who cured the sick, that nurse that healed the hurt.

But God said no.

He said it wasn’t his perfect will for me.

So my dreams died.

I wanted to be that one that left her comfort zone and went to far away lands, taking care of the orphans and widows.

So I boarded a ship and went and worked with orphans.

I asked God could I stay here and change theses lives.

It was such a beautiful dream but God said no.

So my heart broke.

God’s will for me turned out to be nothing glamorous, its never going to make me famous or overly rich.

It’s simple job.

Work in housekeeping in a hotel.

Not many are going to envy me as I clean toliets.

But its beautiful and fulfiling because God choose it for me.

I get to daily be a quiet witness for Christ.

To me it’s one of the greatest things I could do because God said this is were you are meant to be.

So I give my all, doing what I can to be the best I can.

Give a smile, spead kindness.

So I stand proud of my humble job..

I stand proud to be in the centre of God’s will!!