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We may never feel that we have made it in life.

Chances are we will always feel like a failure in some area.

So that’s why we must learn to embrace the journey.

Learn to love the mess of living life.

Dig deeper and learn to see all the amazing things we are doing.

And remember obeying God is the most successful thing we will ever do.



Embracing My Womanhood.

Growing up I wasn’t a girly girl.

I loved my dolls but wasn’t that girl who dreamed to a princess, never dreamed of a fancy wedding.

I was the girl that dreamed to be a firefighter,  an army medic.

I was always different.

As I become a teenager the less I wanted to accept my feminine side. I saw it as weakness, girls are seen as weak, vulnerable.

So the self-hate cut away at my heart.

I had a twisted belief that God had created me second best, that men were the only ones God could use.

Why I felt this way I have not idea, I didn’t want to be a man but I didn’t want to be weak and emotional the way I felt women were viewed.

I had no idea that God created me as a woman to use me in a unique special way.

God broke me down so I had to face my weakness as a women, I had to accept that God gives women different strengths to men.

I learnt that my feminine side is something to value and treasure.

So I began to embrace myself, loving that God made me a woman.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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Laying It All Down.

What if we had to give up our freedom to let God change our lives.

What if we had to give up hope for Christ to bring healing in our lives.

What if we had to lay down our dreams for God to use us?

Would we do it?

What if God asked us to die to self so he could bring restoration.

Sometimes we must lose to gain, die to live.

Surrender everything so God can move.

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Not My Plan.

I was never meant to be here.

This is not my plan.

I want so much more in life than this.

But I see the light breaking through the darkness.

I see the dawn of hope rising.

This was not my plan, but it’s yours.

The way you lead me, twists and turns, I stumble but never quite fall.

So I rest in your promises, trust in your directions, learning this is where I was always meant to be.

Held in your hands, guided by your love, obedient to your will and way.