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To anyone who feels the guilt of their past sins.

You don’t even know I notice you. You probably don’t even think of me but I see you.

Making a difference in this world.

I love how you learn from your mistakes and grow through all the pain life brings.

It inspires me that even though you stumbled and sinned, you are making things right with God’s help.

Letting God’s forgiveness and grace bloom from your failings.

You are so so beautiful, with all your scars.

So beautiful, so chosen, so loved.

So useful to a God who makes beauty from our ashes.

Thanks for inspiring me.


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My Hope.

The crystal clear water of your love washes over me.

The sunshine of your peace warms me.

The beauty of your forgiveness invites me to dance.

Surrounded by your majesty, I spread my wings fly.

Who am I that you remember me.

Who am I that you would plan great things for me,

I deserve none of this but yet you see and hold me.

You have given me a hope, a light that will never grow dim.