Rachel Hamilton

Author | Writer | Traveler | Child of God | Kiwi Girl



I was so overwhelmed.
Weighted down by the lies said behind my back.
Broken by the accusations.
So alone.
But through the darkness you came.
Calling me to stand with courage and speak.
To not be the victim.
So I stood with shaking hands. With tear-filled eyes.
I spook in almost a whisper.
Heaven came down. You moved mountains.
The strongholds crashed.
You brought me to a place of greatness, respect, you gave me a crown of joy.
You have never been more real to me than right now.
You are not longer just a voice inside my head.
You stood up for me when no one else would.
You gave me the strength to stand for what’s right.
I praise you.
You forever have my heart.