Rachel Hamilton

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I Lost My Freedom.

I lost my freedom when I gave my heart to Christ.

I know it sounds unscriptural, let me explain.

No longer do I have the right to choose my own future.

I can not do whatever I want.

I have surrendered my control.

God’s will is my marker, my destiny.

I liked a boy, asked God “Can I have him” God said no.

I saw my dream job. Yes?

Lovingly I heard no.

“Can I just leave home, catch up with my peers, be a somebody whose going places. pleeeeeeeease.”

“Hand me your pride and ego my child” was answer.

Then came the command “Give me your health, your strength,  give me your independence, let me break you so I can remake you.”

“No, God please anything but that. I don’t want to be remade, that sounds horrible. I don’t want the pain, the shame.”

“Child, I gave you my life, you must give me yours. But trust me, I am making beautiful things out of you.

Slowly I am learning as I loss my freedom, I find Christ’s.