Rachel Hamilton

Author | Writer | Traveler | Child of God | Kiwi Girl


Working through my Pain. 

Once again I am reminded of my physical limitations.

Here I am on my knees, the pain present to remind me that I am not strong enough to walk this road alone.

How deep my need for a Savour is.

God has called me to give of my time and energy to obey his ever call.

Sometimes that means letting the tears fall down my face as he restores my soul, mind and body.

Other times it means I must wake up early and follow my todo list of working, writing and ministry to fight through the physical pain and be obedient.

I have been called for such a time as this. Asked to handle what God believes I am capable of.

Sometimes the smile is not there and the resentment lies just below the surface.

Sometimes I stand knee deep in self pity.

But God never lets go.

Gently guiding and leading me to the plans he has for me.










I am desperate to show the world I am something.

The fear of apathy is real. I want to leave my mark on the world. To say I existed.

Not just survive life but thrive.

But what if I can’t?

What I leave the world with nothing beside my name?

Not a hero, not a success, not even known.

What then?


Love says even if I can not do anything powerful, inspirational or successful, I am something.

I am someones.

Love says I was loved before I breathed my first fragile breath and I will be loved long after.

Love is not about what I give but what I receive.

Love died on the cross for me and rose again so I don’t just survive but truly thrive for eternity.