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Why is your answer wait?

God, you have given me the vision, the passion, you have handed me the dream.  I want to change the world for you.

Is it right to let me suffer?

I am willing, ready, ripe to move when you say move.

So why must I wait?

I know you are good, you show me time and time again.  I know you are always right on time.

So I’ll prepare, hope, dream as I wait.

So when you say move I’ll move.




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Chosen For My Weakness.

Here I am

once again

on my knees

ashamed at my own weakness.

Broken by the things I can not do.

Surrender is all I hear, but God you don’t seem near, it isn’t right to let me break.

I am needed in my strength, not in my weakness.

All around me voices say “Look what you have done wrong. Look at all your failures.”

“God let me give up” I cry. “Please let my dreams just die so I will not struggle for the things I can not do.”

I can not reach the world for you, or bring healing to the lives of those I love.

I can not make a change in the world like I hope to. I am weak, useless, broken. I am fragile, breakable, damaged. You have the wrong one. 

I see a hand write on the wall, with script so small I almost miss it. 

“My strength is made perfect in Your weakness.”

Tears flood down my face, now I see it was never about me. 

I am not chosen to be strong, I have been chosen to be weak so others will see Christ’s strength in me.