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New Country, New emotions.

Moving countries is exciting, meeting new people, seeing new sites, learning new things.

But it’s also hard.

After the honeymoon stage of a new country wears off, your emotions become a theme park ride. 

The last couple of months I have struggled with even understanding and putting into words how I feel, some days are awesome, other days I want to bury my head under a pillow, because everything is just way to much. 

Homesick for what used to be my reality, homesick for stability. Tired of all the new things life is throwing at me.

My online ministries are suffering, my heart seems to have gone out of everything I care about. 

Those yuck emotions lie just below the surface.

But it’s ok, I need to work through theses feelings, it’s all part of the transition into my new life.

One day I am going to fall in love with my new life but right now I must accept my feeling and hold tight to God as I travel this adventure called life. 





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A beautiful God Centred Wedding.

A few months ago I had the privilege of attending a wedding of a very special couple.

Their wedding was a true witness of putting God first and their wedding overflowed with love.

Love for each other, love for God and love for their guests.

It was their special day, yet they made every one of us feel cherished and remembered.

Purity wasn’t something just talked about, you could feel it in every part of the wedding.

When a couple places God above everything in the relationship it inspires and blesses the people around them. They build a solid foundation on which to grow a marriage. 

As a single I am so blessed that God has placed godly role models in my life to show that God’s way is always best.