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One Of Those Days.

It’s one of those days again, when every bone in my body is loudly proclaiming “I’m still here.”

One of those days when my body gives the weather report by flaring my pain up.

Rheumatoid Arthritis my ever present friend is reminding me to take it easy and have a day in bed.

One of those days when jobs lay around me half done. When my limitations seem to overwhelm me.

But I am learning, learning to smile through the ache, count my blessings and dream above the pain.

Starting to understand what success really is.  Sometime success is just getting through the day without losing hope.

I am remembering that I loved, deeply, passionately  by a God who is teaching me to see my limitations as directions to his perfect plan.



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To My Readers. Thanks For Believing In Me.


I am so deeply grateful to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog and book readers, who see past my spelling and grammar mistakes to the message I am trying to share.

You make believe in myself.

You help me see that I can reach the world even with my handicap of dyslexia.

You never tear me down but encourage me to keep writing.

You support me, bless me and encourage me to run after my dreams.

Thank you with all my heart.