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Learning to Count My Blessings

Last night I was lying in bed thinking about the areas in my life that are not easy. Thinking about all the things I don’t have.

Suddenly I heard God say “Count your blessings

but I was already in the middle of my pity party, the more you think about how bad life is, there are endless possibilities.

“STOP! Count your blessings” I heard again.

“Ok” I sighed.

“I have a great family” I said half-heartily

“Yes now keep going.”

“I have a book published”

Good, your getting there.

I…… live in Australia…

By now I was getting the hang of it and after about 10 more things, I slowly drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

Yes! I have so much to be grateful for, tragically I often forget that and complain to God about the things I don’t have.

So from now on I aim to be thankful for the blessings I do have and trust God for the rest.



Travel Mishaps

“Your hand luggage is to heavy”

Oh great!

I had just finished a 2 hour and half bus trip to get to the airport and I was grumpy and hungry. This was the last thing I need to hear.

“Come round here and repack your luggage” the lady at the ticket counter motioned.

I walked over to the gate that protected her counter from the public and would you believe it, no matter how much I tried I could not get that stupid gate open.

After what seem like hours I was safely on the other side trying to repack everything into my suitcase and then I saw it.

My whole suitcase, was soaked through with some kind of liquid.


By now I was hungry, grumpy and annoyed.

I stuffed the last lonely sock into my suitcase and made my way to security leaving a trail of hats and coats I struggled to carry a hundred and one things at the some time.

My trip in New Zealand had been great, catching up with family and seeing two special friends marry and I was on my way back to Australia.

The enjoyment of travel is often felt once you are back home and the most annoying things can make the best stories.

Yes travel is not always glamourous sometimes its just plan frustrating.

But when you are traveling you can always count on one thing, that it will always be an adventure.


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Death of Dreams.

God is bring me to a place of real joy and true contentment.

For so long I have struggled with the place God has called me to be. Trying so hard to change his will.

Trying break down the walls that I thought were holding me in. Screaming at Him that he was wrong to kill my dreams one by one.

I thought that my dreams were perfect. I thought I could do whatever I wanted just as long as it wasn’t sin, just as long as it was godly.

We are so important to God that he has a very important path for us to walk. He will kill our dreams, put up walls to protect us from ok to give us perfect.

Each day as I give God my trust, threads of true joy are born deep within my heart.

Every day I let God kill my dreams I am lead to my amazing future created by him.

Friend whatever pruning or death God is doing in you, it will lead to his amazing handpicked purpose for your life.

Hold on.