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Suitcase packed, ready to board a plane again next week.

I am addicted to travel, if I was rich I would do it all the time, if I was clever I would do it for a living. But since I am neither, I must settle with every so often trips. 

I never even stepped on a plane until I was 16 when my parents took me to live in the USA for 18 months but once I did there was no going back.

I love everything about it, packing, planing, killing time on those uncomfortable airport chairs. The safety videos, new cultures, far away from normal. 

At 19 I traveled to the Middle East alone, to board a ship that took me to Sri Lanka and India. 

I thrived on the challenge, the adventure. 

Travel has taught me so much about myself. Leaning that I am capable of more then I dreamed.

It has taught me that world over we are all the same, no matter our culture or race. We smile, hurt, and dream the same. It has taught me the kindness of strangers.

The sweetness of change and the beauty and uniqueness each country has.  

This place we call earth, I am proud to call home.

I encourage you to take the leap, dare to step away from the normal, seek adventure and you will be amazed at what you find out about yourself and the world around you.



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You Are Called

The strangest thing has happened to me, God has decided to use me and not just me but you too. 

Image a celebrity rang you up and told you that they wanted you to work for them.

I’m guessing you would be shocked right?

Ok what about if the Queen decided that she wanted you to be her personal assistant.

Crazy right?

But what if the King of Kings, the Great I Am, the Creator of the World, decided he wanted to use you to reach the world for him. He didn’t just get his “people” to call you up, he personally called you by name.

Too good to be true! You say?

But its not, the most important person in the universe wants to use you. 

Let that sink in, You Are Called.