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Not Yet Independent.

“I still live with my parents.” Those dreaded words.

I love my family but sometimes I do feel ashamed that I am not independent and on my own.

Weddings, baby showers, those life events that many of my childhood friends are passing though while I still have meals with my parents every night.

I am young only 22 but often I feel so slow and old.

I worked so hard to become what I see is a “adult.”

Yet sickness has brought me back to where I started from.

Another pride issue God is working on, killing the pride of having it all together, showing me that it’s not me who plans my future.

Making me useful, able to reach those who struggle just like me.

I can hold my head high knowing that right now living at home is the centre of God’s will and that is the best and most successful place to be.


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Chronic Pain Has Changed my Life in a Positive Way.

It’s been one year since I got sick with chronic pain, and I have to say its  one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Yes my friend you did read that right.

No I am not some super brave person. I hate how weak my body has become, the pain that never leaves my body, I dislike the many things I can no longer do.

But chronic pain has changed my life in a positive way.

I used to read  Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and all I saw was the “I can do all things.”

My pride was feed the more I did things in my own strength. Yes I had a deep personal relationship with Christ but I forgot my strength comes from my dependance on Christ. So God gave me a very real reminder that I must find my strength in Him alone.

Many people say that pain is not from God but I believe God has used this sickness to make me a better person. I may have to live with arthritis for the rest of my life. But I have a bright hope and future because in Christ I CAN do all things!!!

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I Need to be Real, Not Babyish.

“I hate being single”

” I have the worst life ever”

“Why does God hate me.”

“Pity me, my life is unbearable”

“I hate drama!”

Ever meet that one person that all they do is complain, their Facebook is an online journal, telling every tiny feeling or emotion they have?

Yes this has been me before. Because it’s so easy to do.

It’s important for me to be real, but I must not let it go so far that I let my emotions become babyish.

God wants me to be open about my struggles but also provide hope. To say yes I struggle but I overcome. Of cause there will be times when I see no light and need those around me to strengthen and encourage me.  I must learn to understand the difference between a load and a burden.

Loads I must carry myself but burdens are important to ask for help with as they are to big for one person to carry alone.

Dear God teach me to train my emotions and become less self-absorbed so I can be used by you.

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Unworthy Author

I am such an unworthy Author.

I wasn’t the girl that dreamed of publishing a book. 

I’m the girl who comes from a family of dyslexics and sadly caught it too. 

I am far from good at writing and yet God asked me to write a book. 

With all my failings and shorting comings in that area. He said “In me you can do all things”.

So I shoved fear away and not so boldly stumbled my way through publishing a book. 

Truthfully my book has mistakes and so much to be worked on.

But I stand proud in obedience.

Unworthy but chosen.

God is going to use you too.

He sees you as the perfect person for the unique job He has for you!