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Awkwardly Shy

I am not what you call brave, or really outgoing.  

At 5 years old fear was a stranger looking at me.

I would dissolve into floods of tears. Oh yes I was a real joy to take shopping, terrifying nightmarish strangers everywhere!

I was shy, awkwardly shy.

It continued on into teen years. I hated it.

Only those who have experienced shyness truly know how hard it is to overcome. I really didn’t feel like I had a voice or that I had much to offer the world because the wall of shyness seemed to high to climb. 

I wanted so much to be used by God but yet I couldn’t understand how he could use me.  

My unwanted friend “Shy” followed me everywhere. How I loathed being the quiet one.

What I didn’t know was God was planning to use me in my own unique way. What I didn’t know was little shy me had a hope and a future.

At 22 I still get shy, I still lack courage, but now I am learning to live in the freedom of being open for God use me in a handpicked unique way, instead of trying to copy the outgoing girl and falling short. 

And don’t worry I can safely go shopping with you and I won’t cry. 



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It’s been a month since I moved to Australia.
I know for so many of my international friends that seems such a HUGE move. But since I am already from down under, just a little more down. ( New Zealand )

It really only means a 3 hour plane trip.

Australia has all the comforts of home but with that added excitement of being a “foreigner” or the one with the “Strange accent”

What? I have an accent?

Strangely people think I do.

It’s comforting to walk into the supermarket and see my beloved Marmite and Vegemite.

Or see the flag flying in the wind which looks almost like mine.

It’s amusing when birds laugh at me, and a shock to see Kangaroo meat at the supermarket.

I feel so special when I know I can work in this country without the worry of a visa because of our countries special agreement.

But I had forgotten how much was involved with moving countries and the little things you take for granted like a library card, bank account, drivers licence and mobile phone.

Life is an adventure and I am excited to see what lies ahead.