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A Perfect Blog.

What does a perfect blog look like?

Well………. for one thing it should be grammar and spelling error free.

SO not going to happen on this blog. Spelling is NOT a gift that I have been given. 

I see the perfect, error free blog and it’s not my blog.

Sometimes we get so caught up with perfection, we loss sight of the calling we have been given. We worry about things when God wants us to stop stressing and just get on with it. We overanalyse to the point, we believe there is no point even trying because we will fail.

Yes people may judge and think less of me because of my spelling. It’s very possible some will leave my blog because it’s too hard to see past misspelt words. But that’s ok because God still wants to use me. 

Perfection is unattainable but a calling from God nothing can stand in it’s way. 







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What You See.

If you could look in the mirror in the way God sees you, you would see a beautiful child of God. Every part perfectly made by a great artiest.

But instead your vision is masked by the dirt and expectations of this world. You see someone covered by imperfections and shame.

If you could look at your attractiveness to men through God’s eyes, you would see a women set apart for a husband that treasures, values and protects her, protected from those who will hurt and leave her broken.

But you see a woman that no man can stand to be around. You believe never been in a relationship means unwanted.

If you could see your broken hopes and dreams through God’s eyes you would see that every closed doors leads you to the big amazing plan and purpose God has for you.

But all you can see is a failure and a hopeless mess. Someone that can never get it together.

What you see is so much different to what God knows about you. He sees the truth when our eyes a blinded by a lie. This is the reason we must put our trust in a all knowing powerful God, because he sees and deeply cares.