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Last Day of 2013

Tomorrow is 2014.

So much has happened this year. 

I gained a new title this year. Published author! Who would have ever guessed.

I have meet amazing people this year who have strengthen and blessed me, from all over the world. I have chatted and laughed, talked and prayed for so many people. 

I wake up everyday knowing that God is moving in huge ways in my life. 2013 has had it’s struggles but my faith has moved to a deeper level of trust. 

To those who have walked alongside me this year thank you for blessing, supporting and believing in me. Thank you for showing me the beauty of  true friendship.

Bring on 2014 I am excited!!!



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Social Media Changed My Life.

There is a lot of bad things about social media, cyber bullying, abuse, hate.

But I am here to tell you how social media changed my life for good and brought me closer to God than I could have ever imagined.

” I am never ever going to use Twitter.” I told my brother “It’s so stupid.”

One year, thousands of followers and three accounts later I regret those words.

Social media for me has become a huge mission field, a place where I can meet people where they are at, I can speak into lives, from the lonely heart who can’t sleep at night, to the one who is sitting with a group of friends.

Social media, inspired me to publish and write a book, to share my struggles and make friends all the over the world.

Through Facebook, Instagram , Youtube, Twitter and many more I can do my bit to change the world.

Everyday I draw closer to God as I try to give godly advice to the brokenhearted or the girl who is wondering “Is he the one.”

Friend, God can use you here, there or anywhere.

He has a spec ail plan and way, to use you to change the world and you never know it could be social media.



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I Have a Need.

I have a need.

A desperate aching need to do something with my life.

More than the ordinary, more than hiding my light under the couch. I want to break free and truly live for something deeper than myself.

I have a passion to make a different in the world. To be a leader, a world changer.

But first I must lay everything at the foot of the cross.  My dreams must die, my desires in the grave.

I must be completely surrendered. So I can raise in God’s power not my own.

I must die so I give the credit to the one it belongs to, the one I belong to Jesus Christ.

I must be willing but also patience, waiting on God for when he raises me up to do great things for him, I will be ready and completely grounded in him.

Yes I have a need and God overflows that need, and I am completely his forever!

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His Voice

Tears slid down Paulette face. Her head hung in shame. Over and over again the words rang in her head.

“You are weak, you are nothing, you are worthless, you are messed up.”

If the people around her thought that, than God must think the same thing about her.

“God must see me as weak and to broken to be made new. Damaged goods.”

Lie after lie pierced her fragile bleeding heart.

Just as all hope was lost, a shadow fell across her. Looking up she saw a hand reaching down, a deep scar was visible.

A beautiful voice that overflowed with healing and care spoke.

“Paulette, my daughter” I see you, I see your brokenness and pain, I hear the lies, the cruel laughter, they said the same to me when I hung on a cross, put there by the very people I loved the most. But daughter in me, nothing is to broken to be made new. My voice is not the voice that wounds, my voice is the one that lifts you to a place of healing, love and joy.

“Paulette, my voice sets you free”