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You are





Brought with a price


Watched over




Worth dying for

You have a




God has not forgotten you. 

He cares and gave his life for YOU

You are meant to be.


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I have the resources to handle this pain.

It was one of those days, pain was an unwelcome friend that seemed to never leave. The painkillers were not doing their job and it seemed just to much to handle. 

“God this is so hard” I cried silently. ‘This journey is way to difficult, can you just give me a rest. I am so sick of learning lessons from pain.”  

Than I heard him clearly. “I have given you to much to handle”, I heard God say. 

What? I must have heard that wrong.  That can’t be right.

“Yes darling daughter I have given you to much to handle by yourself. But I have given you the resources to walk this journey. I have given you myself. If you trust me, lean on me, obey me, I will carry you through this hard time. I will never ask you to walk this path alone. I am here but you must learn to stop trying to do it alone because you will never make it on your own.”

“Use the resources of prayer, read my love letter ( the Bible ) pour out your pain, sorrows and broken dreams to me and I will strengthen you.” 

Suddenly I see that illness is not a curse but a way to draw ever closer to the one who holds my life. With him holding me, I see hope, a future and beauty from pain!




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Our life Author..

As an author I get SO excited when someone tells me they are reading my book. It encourages me so much and makes me smile for days. I love hearing how my story touched someone’s life. It makes everything God has taken me through feel worthwhile.

Imagine how it makes God feel when he knows we are reading his word? Imagine how excited he is when he sees us sharing and encouraging each other through his book. Wow it makes, me see reading the bible in a totally different light!

God delights in us reading the bible.

Just like authors want people to write great reviews for their book. God wants our life to be a review of him and his book. So when people see us they are hungry to know more about our author.

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When God breaks your heart.

“Keep it together Rachel” I whispered to myself, don’t let them see you cry. It had only been a few hours since I had said the final goodbye to the children that had captured my heart at the orphanage. I had only been there two weeks but the love I had for these brave children was real. Now I was back  surrounded by my friends who had been on different mission adventures, everyone was laughing but I couldn’t shake the deep sadness that was in my heart. 

As soon as I could I went off  and found a quiet corner, pulling out my journal I wrote words but they seemed empty.  I didn’t know what to do anymore, the pain and need I had seen was very real. The hopelessness closed in around me, the job was too big, I was powerless to do anything.

Rachel.. I heard a voice calling.. Rachel I am breaking your heart.. Teaching you compassion, and empathy and love.

But God it hurts, it hurts so bad. I feel hopeless, broken…

I will break your heart and put it together again in a beautiful way. I will break your heart but I will never leave you without hope.

Time has gone on since that time. The hurt has healed but the passion and understanding of God’s heart has never left. God keeps breaking my heart for the things that break his and he is showing me his faithfulness and compassion time and time again.

When God breaks your heart he always has a plan and a purpose for it. He hates to see you hurt but he can see the end result and he whispers lean on me and you will make it, joy everlasting is coming.







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I don’t enjoy pain but I love the growth it brings.

I don’t enjoy physical pain, thats the truth. I don’t enjoy not being able to do the things I used to do. I don’t enjoy feeling tired all the time or not being able to work. I don’t like taking heaps of pills a day. But I LOVE everything God is teaching me. I LOVE being able to understand other peoples pain in a real way. I LOVE how close I have grown to God, knowing him like never before. I LOVE waking up everyday knowing I have a God who use’s pain to teach me so much and give me a heart of compassion. Yes at times I am so weary of the struggle and fight but I have never ever been more alive in Christ.  Sickness has brought so much growth in my spiritual life like never before. If thats what it takes to praise you Jesus bring the pain..

Dear friends whatever you are struggling with today, I want you to know your pain matters and you are brave. Take care beautiful friends.