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I have to be perfect because I’m a Christian right?

So often as Christians we can be in so much bondage because we believe that Christians have to be perfect. That if we aren’t than we must be a terrible Christian. “Why should we even bother” we say “I’ll only mess it up again”. 

I tried to be perfect and it nearly destroyed me. The sad thing is we should be the ones walking in freedom but we are chained down by expectations we lay on ourselves and often those around us. We forget that even though God has forgiven our sins and given us new life, we are still human. 

God is the reason we don’t have to be perfect because he can use us just as we are. He can make something beautiful out of our imperfections.  

I used to be so afraid to say anything or let my views be known because what if I was wrong. But I am going to get things wrong, I am going to mess up but God is still there loving me.

My failures and mistakes don’t make me a bad Christian they make me human. God wants to free you and say my child you are mine and nothing will change that. I forgive your sins and you don’t need to be perfect because I am perfect. Don’t look to yourself or others for perfection instead keep your eyes fixed on me. 

Ecclesiastes 7:16

Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise– why destroy yourself?



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The Royal Baby.. less hate more prayer!

Watched a video today about how some people think Royal Baby is the Antichrist.. A baby who has just been born.. This baby has done nothing yet people have already labeled him saying his future will be one doing the devils work.. This breaks my heart.. God could be raising this baby up to change many lives for him.. This baby could be a powerful influence on the world for good.. So often we are so quick to jump to conclusions only God knows what the future holds.. We should get down on our knees and pray for this child. Pray that he will become an amazing man of God!! Pray that he can bring great good into this world.. We can’t change the world by hate but we can change it with prayer! 


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God is a God that heals..

A few months ago in March without any warning I got really sick.. I was in unbearable pain so bad that that I was bedridden and couldn’t move.. I had terrible pain and swelling in one of my toes and shoulder, with unending pain in my bones.. Doctor visit after doctor visit, test after test and no one could give me any answers for the unending pain that I was in. Visits to the hospital become more regular then I could have ever imagined.. I begged God for answers but none came.. No one knew what the cause of the pain was.. Then the Doctor told me I had developed CRPS (RDS) from the unknown illness I have.. CPRS is a long term chronic pain condition but God has given me such amazing peace because I know none of this was by chance. No matter what happens to me God is watching over me.. My last Doctors visit he said he was very happy with how my blood tests are looking and I may be on the mend from the mystery illness..  God is a God that heals..


The pain of fame..

Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Taylor swift, they are all famous, have amazing lives or so it may seem.. Millions of people know their names, they earn thousands of dollars and have VIP passes.. But do we ever stop to thing what the cost of fame is.. My heart goes out to these  stars.. Why.. because humans where never made to be worshiped.. It put huge amount of pressure on them.. Pressure to be perfect, to always be strong, to never make a mistake… All those people know them but do all of them really truly care about them as a person.. They have so many fans but so often its a lonely road for the one at the top.. Do they ever truly know who loves them for who they are deep down inside or just because they are popular.. Celebrities need our prayers more then ever.. Their journey is often so much harder then it looks to the outsider..