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My messy relationship with God..

My relationship with God is a very normal one.. I don’t speak in tongues, I don’t get prophecies or visions..I often struggle  to hear God’s voice.. I doubt his goodness.. I wonder if he is even there at times..I sin everyday no matter how hard I try.. I sometimes struggle with remembering to have quiet times with God.I don’t always love people the way I should.. I forget to count my blessings and complain about the things I don’t have..

Yes my relationship with God isn’t always beautiful or sunshine and roses but deep down I love him with my whole heart.. Deep down I want to be his hands and feet.. Deep down I want to do whats right..

We can often get so caught up thinking I am a failure as a christian because I don’t read my bible as much as I should.. We see the things we are not doing and hate ourselves and see ourselves as unworthy but God sees the big picture and he is so proud of you.. He sees that you may not have reading the bible everyday together but he sees your heart and he smiles.. Your relationship with Him is just what I said.. You and God.. Don’t hate yourself.. God loves you and is proud!!


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God is changing me…

Sometimes I just wonder what God is doing.. I know he plans for me..But sometimes it just seems I am going around in circles doing nothing.. Making one mistake after another.. Tripping over my past sins over and over again. Sinking deeper into my failures.. But through the mess… God is moulding me..

Changing me to be a woman after his heart.. Someone who can rise from the ashes and smile because I am chosen and loved. I am forgiven.. I am never going to be perfect but I am always going to be loved.. Not always going to be strong but always able to lean of Christ.. I am redeemed and I smile because my past is not my future!! Christ is my future!!


Never alone.

The water laps at my feet, leaving its foam around my legs and threatening to drag me in the ocean.The sky is a beautiful blue and the sand seemed very white. This is my most favourite place in the world. I am alone. Totally alone, I feel very forgotten. But slowly I found I am not alone any more. Truly I have never been alone. He has been there all along. He has been sitting there the whole time. He knew I was lonely and needed a friend.

He understood what I had been feeling, He loves me more then anyone else in the whole world could. His love can be felt everywhere in all his creation and I never need to feel alone because he was, is, and always, forever with me. He is the one who comforts me when I sad, and when I am lonely he is always there, when I am happy he rejoices, and when I do wrong he grief’s.

His arms are always open and I never need to be afraid to run to him. He knows what it feels like to lose a loved one; he knows the pain of a broken heart. He is the best friend anyone could have, and he’s there by your side waiting for you to let him to your heart.

He is waiting to comfort you if only you will let him. His arms are wide open reaching out to you. So what will you do? Will you open your heart and let him come in? He will be the best friend you ever imagine if only you will let him. He loves you.